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***Warning: Some viewers may find the language and content in this video offensive.

ROCKFORD, Ill. — An Illinois mother’s Facebook rant on the viral #BlackLivesMatter movement is gaining Internet steam of its own with more than 4 million views on social media.

Facebook user Peggy Hubbard, who states on her profile she is from St. Louis and now lives in Rockford, Ill., took to the website Thursday to post a six-minute video saying that #BlackLivesMatter protesters are targeting the wrong culprit.

She said they should be standing up for innocent victims killed every night in the streets of St. Louis, and not the deeds of alleged criminals.

Hubbard’s rant came after a 9-year-old girl was shot and killed Tuesday night while doing homework on her mother’s bed.

But on Wednesday night protesters took to the streets to march for an 18-year-old shot and killed by police. Officers said the teen pointed a gun at them, though reports said the teen was shot in the back.

Regardless, Hubbard said the protesters’ message was misguided.

Said Hubbard, “Last night, who do you think they protested for? The thug, the criminal, because they’re howling, ‘police brutality.’ Are you kidding me? Police brutality? How about black brutality.”

Added Hubbard, “A little girl is dead. You say black lives matter? Her life mattered. Her dreams mattered. Her future mattered. Her promises mattered. It mattered.”

Later in the video, the mother added:

You want to be upset about black lives? You want to be upset about police brutality? There is police brutality out there. I will give you that. But night, after night, after night on Channel 4, Channel 2, Channel 5, Channel 30, Channel 11 and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch: murder, murder, murder, murder. Black on black murder.

Yet you tear up other people’s (stuff) for a criminal, a thug. Bailing out criminals and thugs.

Let me tell you something. I got a kid locked up. Oh yeah, I put him there. I turned him in. Yes I did because I’m a strong black woman. I am a black mother. I told my children that if you (mess) up, if you go to jail, I am not getting you out. You will stay there. You will do the time. I am not coming to visit you. I ain’t sending you magazines. I’m not doing anything for you because I did everything I could for you out here and yet you chose to go in there… If you don’t care about me and your father working and putting in time and effort to raise you and be there for you. And we took note of everything you were interested in. And you ended up in there. Then you belong in there. Don’t drop the soap. That is what I told my son.

You guys need to stop. You’re hollering this black lives matters (stuff). It don’t matter. You’re killing each other. White people don’t care. They don’t care. Save us some tax dollars. I need new parts for my Harley. If you want to die, die. Go ahead and knock yourself out. Your life does not matter. If it doesn’t matter to you then it doesn’t matter to us. That is the truth of the reality. If you don’t care then we don’t care.

Hubbard’s video, captioned “From my heart!,” has garnered more than 200,000 shares and 46,000 “likes” on Facebook.

Watch her whole message in the player above.

The quotes in this piece have been edited for profanity.