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CHICAGO — The Edens? Jane Byrne? Which one is I-90, again?

Driving on Chicago’s expressways and highways can be frustrating due to traffic, but it can be even more confusing if you don’t know the names of the highways.

WGN’s Sarah Jindra gave a TikTok crash course to lessen the confusion surrounding the city’s major expressways.

Check out this breakdown:


Crash course for Chicagoans who get confused about the names and numbers of the expressways! #chicago #traffic #wgn #commute

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First up, EDENS EXRESSWAY (I-94, US-41): Kennedy to West Park Ave in Highland Park. 

KENNEDY EXPRESSWAY (I-190, I-90, I-94): Jane Byrne Interchange to O’Hare Airport. The Kennedy also has “reversible lanes” or “express lanes that run between the Edens Junction and Ohio/Ontario. Typically, the express lanes flow inbound during the morning rush and then switch to outbound travel during the afternoon rush. 

EISENHOWER EXPRESSWAY (I-290): Also known as the “Ike” it runs from the Jane Byrne Interchange to IL-83 

STEVENSON EXPRESSWAY (I-55): DuSable Lakeshore Drive to County Line Rd in Burr Ridge, the Cook County border with DuPage County. South of there, I-55 is designated the BARACK OBAMA PRESIDENTIAL EXPRESSWAY all the way down to mile marker 202 near Pontiac.

DAN RYAN EXPRESSWAY (I-94, I-90): Bishop Ford/I-57 to the Jane Byrne Interchange. The Dan Ryan also has “express lanes” which run between 31th and 67th. The are not like the “reversible” on the Kennedy, though. These express lanes run both directions at all times.  

BISHOP FORD FREEWAY (I-94): I-80 to the Dan Ryan 

I-57: No official expressway name, however, in 2012, Illinois designated it the TUSKEGEE AIRMEN MEMORIAL TRAIL from Sauk Trail to Wentworth  

JEAN-BAPTISTE POINTE DUSABLE LAKE SHORE DRIVE (US-41): More commonly referred to as DuSable Lakeshore Drive, it runs from Hollywood on the north to 67th St on the south.  

KINGERY EXPRESSWAY (I-80, I-94): Bishop Ford to the Indiana State Line. East of there, it becomes the BORMAN EXRESSWAY in Indiana.  

JANE BYRNE INTERCHANGE: This is where the Dan Ryan, Eisenhower and Kennedy meet in Chicago.  Previously known as the “Circle Interchange” 

CHICAGO SKYWAY (I-90): Dan Ryan to Indiana Toll Rd. It currently costs $5.90 for a regular passenger vehicle to ride the 7.8-mile-long Skyway. This tolled road is one that is not operated by the Illinois Tollway.  

TRI-STATE TOLLWAY (I-94, I-294, I-80):  Russell Road to the Bishop Ford/IL-394 

JANE ADDAMS MEMORIAL TOLLWAY (I-90):  Rockton Road to the Kennedy  

REAGAN MEMORIAL TOLLWAY (I-88): I-290 to US-30 in Rock Falls. I-88 then continues west as a non-tolled road to I-80 near the Iowa border.   

IL-390: US-20/Lake Street in Hanover Park to IL-83 in Wood Dale. A portion of this now-tolled road was formerly called the “ELGIN O’HARE EXPRESSWAY.” IL-390 will eventually help provide access in and out of the west side of O’Hare Airport 


I-490 TOLLWAY: This is a new tollway currently under construction that will connect I-90 to IL-390 and I-294 around the west side of O’Hare Airport. It is scheduled to be completed by end of 2026.