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CHICAGO — Anyone who thinks they’ve got moves may take pause after watching this little girl tear up the dance floor at The Taste of Randolph.

The girl is 9-years-old, reported DNAInfo, and a viral video viewed over 200,000 times shows her dancing passionately to DJ Psycho B’s set at the festival Friday.

Her footwork, jumping and head bangs had onlookers impressed and entertained.

Comments like “Little Ball of Fire” and  “I have to get my daughter some dance lessons” flooded the Facebook post of the video.

“She was a better dancer than everyone else! And only 9,” said Tony Martin, the man who filmed the video.

Martin’s been a photographer for the Chicago House Music scene for about 20 years and said that the girl’s performance  was just something that catches his eye as a photographer.

After posting the video to Facebook, he said he woke up his wife when the video had around 10,000 shares, but over 240,000 was crazy to him.

When asked why he thinks the video got so popular Martin said, “people love children, I love children, don’t have any, but that’s it, if the kid is amazing that’s all it takes.”