7 hacks that help the Ivorys juggle 4 kids and 2 careers

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After WGN’s Erin Ivory posted a photo of her family’s dinner board to social media, she was surprised by the huge response she got from people — including fellow parents — asking how she and her husband (also WGN’s own) Demetrius are able to juggle their careers and their four kids.

“Truth is…we don’t always nail it and it took over a year to figure out how to make it a little easier,” Erin said.

Below, Erin shares a few hacks that she says have really helped out along the way:

1. Make a dinner board so you know what and who’s cooking that night. Shop in advance accordingly.

2. Have kids pack their own lunches the night before. You do enough; they are capable little humans who can figure out how to put food in a bag.

3. Have kids put all their ‘must see and sign’ paperwork in bins with their name. That way Demetrius and I can go through it all in one pass. (That sweet wall bin is one of my better thrift shop scores!)

4. Tag-team all unforeseen nightmares, sibling fights, meltdowns and homework drama. You’re it.

5. Lay out a week’s worth of work clothes (I include everything right down to jewelry on my pretty Target plates) on Sunday so you can grab and go in those hectic mornings. (Demetrius is not on board with this part of the plan!)

6. Always have a “pizza and paper plate night” once a week. Kids love it and you have nothing to cook or clean.

7. Toast your small wins at days’ end. Clink. We’re still working on a date night.

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