36 'Lost Corvettes' dating back to 1953 will be raffled away for $3 apiece


(File photo): An original 1953 Corvette roadster is on display 27 June, 2003 at the Bloomington Gold Corvette show in St Charles, IL. (Photo credit JEFF HAYNES/AFP via Getty Images)

CHICAGO —After entering a VH1 contest in 1989, one man won 36 Corvettes, including one apiece from the first three dozen years of the sports car’s history.

After winning the cars in the VH1 contest, Dennis Amodeo sold them to artist Peter Max. But after that, they ended up lost and forgotten for decades in New York garages.

Now they’ve been rediscovered and restored, and will be given away again. Except this time they will go to 36 different winners.

Anyone can enter to win one of the cars for just $3, and the money raised through the giveaway will benefit the National Guard Education Fund.

More information is available at corvetteheroes.com.


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