High winds, blowing snow causing treacherous driving conditions

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In western Kane County, residents were bracing for more than just the cold, high winds last night and this morning forced a lot of drivers off the road.  The concern, there could be a repeat performance tonight.

Wild wind drifts coupled with falling snow.  The combination resulted in a white-out.  Some good news here in Elburn, those drifts don’t appear to be materializing for a second time.  Some more good news, residents are heading the warning of authorities.  Elburn is a ghost town.

These 10-12 foot snow drifts along route 47 in Elburn are all that are left after yesterday’s white-out in Kane County.  While temperatures now well below zero are the main concern, last night, out of nowhere, Kane County found itself wrapped in blizzard like conditions.  I-57 in particular left drivers in ditches, cars abandoned and the roads a risk to all.  No matter how big your rig.

The Kane County Sheriff’s Department was predicting more of the same for tonight, cold and blowing snow.

But the authorities’ prediction may not be a reality. Cold, but no blowing snow, at least not now.  Still smarting from last night’s storm, people here are not taking any chances.  Even gas stations are hurting for business; everybody’s staying home, except for Kelly Schuman.  Without a hat and gloves her work is just beginning.


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