CHICAGO — With a winter storm bearing down on the Chicagoland area, many travelers are doing what they can to move up their plans.

With a few airlines waiving flight change fees, people are trying to get out of O’Hare and Midway Airports on Wednesday ahead of the arrival of the snow, wind, and frigid temperatures on Thursday.

“I got on the phone for a little bit, but I think luckily for us, kinda jumped on it quickly,” said Evan Thomas before boarding a United flight to Dallas at O’Hare. “The United rep was pretty good and quick about it. Like I said, lucky because the flight we were able to get for this morning, it was like the last two seats on it.”

According to the Chicago Department of Transportation, close to three million people will be traveling out of the city’s airports during the holiday season.

The predicted winter weather is expected to cause delays and even cancellations of flights on Thursday and Friday, so a few have made it a priority to try and beat the storm on Wednesday.

Glenn Marshall has more on how travelers are dealing with the change of plans in his reports from O’Hare Airport on WGN Morning News and WGN Midday News.