Trapped Mexican bakery staff make hundreds of pan dulce for Harvey victims

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HOUSTON — In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, extensive flooding in Southeast Texas has left many residents stranded in their homes, shelters, and even local businesses.

But, a team of bakers trapped inside El Bolillo Bakery in Houston refused to stop working — and spent multiple days and nights baking bread for flood victims.

Four bakers working the night shift on Friday were trapped inside the bakery for two days as flooding worsened.

Despite many employees losing their own cars, homes, and valuables, they were desperate to help in any way they could and decided to work tirelessly to make sure victims of the flooding wouldn’t go hungry.

Among those baking was Jorge Abundis, head baker, and Pancho Ponce, who have each been working at El Bolillo for 18 years.

The manager of the shop, Brian Alvarado, told The Independent, “When they realized they were stuck, they decided to keep themselves busy and help the community and made as many loaves of bread as they could.”

Using over 4,000 pounds of flour, the bakers made trays filled with pan dulce (Mexican sweet bread) to deliver to Harvey victims, local police, and the mayor, free of charge and took to social media to show their support.

Meagan Michaelis, head of the bakery’s social media, told WGN, “People were heartbroken, but happy to get any help at all.”

The bread made over those two days was given to first responders to distribute.

El Bolillo’s generosity and selfless contributions did not go unnoticed by the community, as workers received overwhelming praise on social media and donations from supporters.

“We’re just one store doing what we know how, that’s bake and provide people with the bare basics: bread. The power of positivity is viral. We hope more people do their part and give, inspired by the bakers, that’s all,” said Michaelis.

If you would like to donate to the workers at El Bolillo Bakery, you can visit their GoFundMe page here.

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