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CHICAGO — New speed limits are now in place on the Jane Addams Tollway (Interstate 90) after crews just finished installing the new signs.

The changes include two stretches of roadway:

-I-90 from Randall Rd to Mt. Prospect Rd: Now 70mph for cars, 65 mph for buses, 60 mph for trucks.  This is an increase from 55 mph.

-I-90 from Mt. Prospect Rd to the Kennedy: Now 60 mph for all vehicles. This is an increase from 55 mph.

The speed limit on I-90 west of Elgin was already 70 mph for all vehicles to the Wisconsin state line. Commercial trucks (over 4 tons) are limited by state law to 60 mph in the six-county Chicago metro area and buses are limited to 65 mph.

The Tollway decided to increase the speed limits on I-90 after an engineering study determined it could be done safely.  The study reviewed factors including the volume of traffic, traffic congestion, the frequency of access points like interchanges and oases, and the prevailing speed.

The Tollway Board of Directors, the Illinois Department of Transportation and the Joint Commission on Administrative Rules approved the increase.