Town council to buy back elderly blind woman’s home

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The town council in Cedar Lake, Indiana, is coming to the rescue of an elderly blind woman, who lost her long-time home in a property tax sale.

The small town southwest of Crown Point will buy the land that Dolores Pittman’s home site on.

An investor bought the property in a tax sale for $43, less than a dollar for every year the 67-year-old Pittman has lived in the house where her family moved in 1958.

He wanted to raise her rent to $300 a month.

The church that previously owned the land had charged her only $10 a month and Pittman couldn’t afford the increase.

Now the town will pay fair market value for the land and allow Pittman to live there rent free for the rest of her life.

After she passes away, the house will be demolished and the land will become part of a park which already partly surrounds it.


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