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TORONTO — As a raccoon lay dead on a Canadian street earlier this week, its legacy lived on, as citizens and Twitter payed homage to the deceased animal in the latest viral sensation.

It all began with a single tweet, as these things often do. CBC reports everyday citizen Jason Wagar, who according to his Twitter profile is a fundraiser, instructor and volunteer, snapped the first picture of the dead raccoon Thursday morning and shared it with the city.

“There’s a dead raccoon on the sidewalk outside 819 Yonge (at the SE corner of Church),” wrote Wagar.

The city responded, saying someone would be by shortly to pick it up.

But according to CBC the response wasn’t quite as prompt as the city had promised. The raccoon remained, and many on Twitter began following its story. Some on social media nicknamed him “Conrad.”

Then — a touching memorial began to take shape.

Toronto city councillor Norm Kelly (whose Twitter game is strong) joined in on the remembrances.

The raccoon even got its own hashtag: #DeadRaccoonTO.

A candlelight vigil also took place (naturally).

Then a donation box to help raise funds for a “proper burial.”

Then, at around 11 Toronto time, a worker finally came to remove the animal.

His death not having been in vain, “Conrad” was also memorialized by the Toronto Wildlife Centre.

Norm Kelly also had some poignant words, courtesy of one Puff Daddy  P. Diddy Diddy Sean Combs:′

#RIPConrad, Kelly wrote.

RIP, indeed.