Clean-up underway after tornado touches down near Dyer, Indiana

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DYER, Ind. — The National Weather Service confirmed that a tornado touched down near the border of Illinois and Northwest Indiana.

It touched down near Dyer, Ind., at about 4:30 p.m. Memorial Day Monday.  It was on the ground for about 100 yards, the National Weather Service said. Neighbors said they watched the storms as the clouds started to twist, but did not immediately realize they needed to take cover until sirens went off.

“Things just started shaking and I felt the pressure drop. And my ears started popping,” said Dyer resident Aaron Farriols.

Farriols lives in the Chateau Woods subdivision, where most of the damage is concentrated, particularly on Ridgewood Lane.

Sheds were overturned, siding ripped away, and trees ended up in places where they shouldn’t be.Thankfully, the homes are mostly in tact and still structurally sound.

“I feel like something, I don’t know what or how, shielded or protected my house but I’m pretty fortunate,” Farriols said.

Residents spent a good part of their holiday picking up the pieces and continue to do so Tuesday. The city of Dyer has offered to help residents with some tree removal.

Fortunately, no residents in Dyer were injured.

Meanwhile, the National Weather Service may confirm additional tornadoes were spotted in the greater Chicago area. There were preliminary tornado reports in Paw Paw and Platteville.



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