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TINLEY PARK, Ill. — Grisly details released surrounding the murder of a 17-year-old Tinley Park girl reveal the teen’s father revoked permission for her to attend prom because he didn’t trust her. Documents also show she feared he may “kill her” just days before she was found dead in her home.

Mohammed Almaru, 42, is accused of killing his daughter, Mia Maro, 17, before police responded to their home Sunday evening in the 7800 block of West 167th Place. He faces first-degree murder charges.

When officers arrived at the home, Maro was found dead in the lower level of the house. She had multiple bruises on her arms, legs, feet, torso, skull and face.

At the scene, Almaru had self-inflicted wounds to his wrist and throat. Officials found a box cutter near his right hand and he had blood on his pants, shirt and socks. He also ingested pills and was taken to Advocate Christ Medical Center, where he was stabilized Monday afternoon.

Mohammed Almaru (Tinley Park officials)

Maro was a senior at Victor Andrew High School and just weeks away from graduating. The school’s senior prom was scheduled for Friday, April 29. Court documents said the teen had gotten permission from her father to go to prom and gotten his final decision on what dress she should wear for the night. However, the day before, Almaru changed his mind and said he didn’t trust her to go and said she didn’t have permission to attend.

Randa Almaru and Linda Maro are Mohammed Almaru’s sisters — Mia Maro’s aunts. The teen’s mother, Audrey Jorgensen, had a medical emergency spring 2019 which left her in need of 24-hour care. The teen’s aunts are Jorgensen’s primary caregivers.

On Tuesday, April 26, Randa Almaru arrived at the home to care for Jorgensen. She had to leave early so made arrangements with Mia Maro to come home from school early and be at the house by 11:30 a.m. that day. When she did not arrive, she texted her. The teen said she had accidentally rear-ended someone while driving her father’s car and said he was going to “beat her ass” and she stated she was scared he was “going to kill her.”

On Friday, April 29, Linda Maro was at the home caring for Jorgensen when she starting tracking Mia Maro using the Find My iPhone feature to see if her niece had gone to prom. She said that the phone had left Tinley Park, but noticed it went to Warrenville, instead of downtown Chicago where the prom was being held. Court documents said the phone stayed there for about 15 minutes and then went back to Tinley Park. Shortly after, the phone traveled to Arlington Heights and stayed there for 15 minutes and returned to Tinley Park.

On Saturday, April 30, Linda Maro messaged the 17-year-old and got no response. She drove to her home and noticed the blinds were closed — something she found odd because her niece always left them open in the morning.

The next day, Sunday, May 1, Linda Maro texted the teen again who still did not respond. That’s when she texted Mohammed Almaru who said the teen would respond within an hour. When the hour passed, she hadn’t heard back from the girl so she started texting and calling Randa Almaru. The two discussed a plan to get into the house to see if the girl was OK.

Around 4 p.m. that day, Mohammed Almaru texted his son, who did not live in the home, a photo of himself holding a letter that said he blamed his wife, Jorgensen, for making his daughter think he did not love her. He claimed the teen was hiding things from him and that he had to “beat the information out of her.”

He said he went through the teen’s phone and found things she had not been truthful about. He then said, “[I] lost my mind went out of control and beat the s–t out of her and accidental [sic] hit her in the head and then I laid down with her and uncontious [sic] and woke up to her cold body.”

He then told his son the code to his safe, his banking information and told him to take out money and said, “I f—-d up big time I’m sorry.”

When the aunts arrived at the home, court documents said Mohammed Almaru appeared disheveled, and asked one of them to sit with his wife while he worked on paperwork. At some point, Randa heard gurgling noises coming from his bedroom. When she went inside the room, she found the teen lying on the floor covered by a blanket and her brother was lying down next to her with his arm around her body. She called 911.

An autopsy revealed the 17-year-old’s brain had extensive hemorrhaging and bleeding and her body was covered in bruising. Her skull was intact, showing that her head was struck forcefully multiple times causing her brain to make contact with her skull.

Officials said a metal pole was found in the kitchen with blood and hair on it. Officials also found a rubber mallet in the garage with the teen’s blood on it. A tarp and bungee cords were also found.

The school’s principal sent a message to students saying counselors and social workers will be available to them all week.

GoFundMe, which has raised almost $30,000, as of Thursday morning, has been created to help pay for Mia Maro’s funeral services.