Timmothy Pitzen’s father on the heartbreaking hoax: ‘I couldn’t understand why somebody would say he’s not who he is.’

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CHICAGO — Less than a week after a convicted felon said he was missing Aurora boy Timmothy Pitzen, Timmothy’s father Jim is speaking out about the heartbreaking hoax.

Pitzen described the rollercoaster as painful. The emotions last week as raw as they were almost eight-years ago when Pitzen last saw his son and lost his wife to suicide all in one day.

Brian Rini, 23, has since been charged with lying to federal agents. Tuesday a federal judge in Cincinnati ordered him to remain jailed. 

After nearly eight years of waiting for some good news, Pitzen said he knows not to let his emotions get the best of him when the phone rings.

Last week, after approximately two years of no tips, a lead surfaced in Kentucky.

“Yeah, I got my hopes up with this one,” he said.  “I get excited. Then I’m like, ‘Calm down. You don’t know who it is. Let them do their job. And take care of it.’”

Pitzen said it felt different because in this case, someone was saying they were the missing boy from Aurora. Detectives from Aurora broke the news that the person found in Kentucky was not actually his son.

“I got a phone call (from the) detective,” Pitzen said. “DNA came back and it’s not Tim. … I got a little upset. I couldn’t understand why somebody would say he’s not who he is.”

In order to put the horrible news behind him, Pitzen continues to turn his attention to finding his son. Describing the years of waiting as painful, he stays focused with work and tries to carry on.  He has no wife, no other children and lives alone in Iowa.

“I lost my whole family,” he said. “It’s a day to day struggle. Some days you don’t want to get out of bed. Some days you do.”

The search for Timmothy continues.  Aurora police still act on any good lead. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children still produce age progression images to share with the public, and Pitzen is still hoping and waiting for good news. He says he’s become a pro when it comes to patience.  He said he not only believes his son Timmothy will be found, he says he knows he will be found alive.


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