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CHICAGO — Chicagoland had a bit of an identity crisis Saturday due to the fluctuating weather.

Depending on what section of the city you saw yourself in, or which suburb, it could have been anything from sunny, to cloudy, to rainy, to snowy.

The snow showers were heavy at times, lowering visibilities to under a quarter mile, and accumulating enough to whiten the ground. Officially, O’Hare Airport registered wind gusts to 51 mph, while Midway Airport recorded a gust to 56 mph.

The strong winds accompanied temperatures that held in the 30s much of the d

Saturday’s crazy weather was followed by a huge temperature swing on Sunday. In Chicago, the recorded low was 26 and the recorded high was 71.

The time-lapse video by WGN’s David Harpe perfectly illustrates Saturday’s chaotic weather. That’s what you get during spring in Chicago!