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Four people were injured, one critically, when an explosion started a fire at the garage for the Turano Bakery Tuesday afternoon.

The site of the explosion was the north side of Roosevelt Rd on the Oak Park side, across the street from the Turano Bakery.

It was the maintenance garage for Turano’s fleet of delivery trucks which run on propane. It didn’t take long to determine what caused the destruction.

“What we found out from the workers who were injured was they were changing a propane tank on one of the vehicles,” said Oak Park Fire Dept Battalion chief Kevin Wiley. “They thought the propane tank was an empty propane tank, but it wasn’t. It was full.”

That gas became airborne and was ignited by a heating unit. The explosion that followed brought down most of the building all at once.

“The building is in pretty bad shape now,” Wiley said. “It was pretty much torn apart in the initial explosion.”

Neighbors reporting hearing a loud boom and that it felt like an earthquake.

A nearby house was damaged by flying bricks.