Things you’ll pay more for in 2015

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From hamburgers to that cup of coffee you drink in the morning, get ready to spend more money on some popular grocery store items this year.

For fans of red meat, blame it on a lack of rain. A 2012 drought pushed corn prices sky high, which is the main food source for cattle.

So beef prices are expected to skyrocket nearly 45 percent this year.

A lack of rain in Brazil hurt coffee growers last year as well. As a result, everyone from Starbucks to Folgers is boosting java costs.

The popular K-Cup coffees will be 9 percent higher this year.

If you plan on using a mobile device to search out better deals, prepare to pay more for the privilege. As consumers demand for data rises, so are data plan costs at most carriers.

Hopefully all this isn’t giving you a headache. Everything from insurance premiums to doctors’ visits are expected to cost more this year.


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