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CHICAGO — Security cameras captured the scene as a group of thieves snuck into an Old Town bar during the day Monday, loading backpacks full of alcohol before sneaking away.

A construction crew was working inside LG’s Bar around 11 a.m. Monday when three men made it past the workers — but not the cameras.

Gary Grigolini says he was hard at work when the group came to do a job of their own.

“We didn’t even see them they were so fast,” Grigolini said. “It’s pretty scary. They came in and crouched down along that wall and along the bar… and they just helped themselves, they were walking around in the kitchen.”

While they got away, the thieves were caught on camera every step of the way because of several security cameras positioned throughout the bar. They tried doors as they made their way through the building, touching everything with their bare hands. Eventually, they broke a door leading into where the alcohol is stored, and helped themselves to three backpacks full of booze.

In the end, they got away with the alcohol and a laptop. Their crime done, they found the back door and headed down an alley.

“These guys looked calm as could be. I couldn’t believe it. Like they owned the place… and this is routine work man, like getting up and going to work for the day,” Grigolini said.

Another business in the neighborhood told WGN crime is up in the area, especially on Wells Street.

Anyone with information on the crime is asked to call police.