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PALATINE, Ill. — The victim of a vicious dog attack while on a walk with her own dog last week spoke out Wednesday for the first time.

Amanda Ingram’s physical injuries will eventually heal, but her emotional scars may never.

Last week, she took her beloved West Highland white Terrier “Casper” for an evening walk. Police said Ingram was a block away from her home, near the corner of Greeley and Washington, when she and “Casper” were attacked by two large dogs — a pit bull mix and an Akita mix.

“My fingers were crushed in the attack, scrapes, bruising, scratches, the dogs were digging at me, too,” said Ingram.

She said “Casper” weighed 20 lbs. and the other dogs, each around 100 lbs., overpowered him.

“No one should have to see their child torn apart in front of them while they’re also being attacked,” Ingram said.

Police identified the owner of the attacking dogs as Meleina Teodoro, 22, and cited her with 13 ordinance violations; including having her dogs running at large, biting of persons and biting of other animals.

The woman walking the dog was a relative of Teodoro and was identified as 32-year-old Julia Paulino. She is charged with four counts of reckless conduct, including failure to secure the dogs on a proper collar.

Ingram’s attorney said in addition to criminal charges, a civil suit is likely to follow.

“Her dog of 11 years was killed right before her eyes by two much larger dogs, I don’t know about you but that’s pretty unimaginable. I can’t fathom having to go through that,” attorney Mike Schostok said.

Ingram said she wants Palatine to deal with irresponsible dog owners.

After the attack, the dogs attacked another dog and their owner, police said. They suffered injuries but were listed in good condition.

“There needs to be change. This has been a continuous problem in this village, and nothing is being done,” Ingram said. “So many people have reached out, saying they know this is a concern, and nothing has been done.”

Both Teodoro and Paulino are scheduled to appear in court on Thursday.