The new tool local lawmakers want police to have to put a stop to texting and driving

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CHICAGO -- Two Chicago Alderman want to let police use technology to catch drivers texting, like the way they catch people drinking and driving.

Alderman Ed Burke and Anthony Beale introduced a resolution for the police department to consider using a "Textalyzer."

It's a device, like a breathalyzer, but this connects to your phone.

An officer would use it to see if a driver was swiping or typing moments before an accident.

The device is not supposed to collect any information from the phone. But civil liberties groups say police should need a warrant.

Right now the Textalyzer is just a prototype.

The idea comes from a grieving father in New York who lost his 19-year-old son to a car accident where the other driver said he fell asleep at the wheel. But the father continued investigations to try to prove that the man was actually texting and driving.

New York is considering similar legislation.



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