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CHICAGO — We’re happy to report that WGN’s Chief Meteorologist Tom Skilling is out of surgery and beginning his recovery after gastric bypass surgery.

Skilling got out of surgery Wednesday evening and was resting after the hours long procedure around 7:30 p.m. Over the weekend, he posted on Facebook  to share the news about the surgery with his thousands of followers.

WGN weather producer Bill Snyder shared a photo of Skilling after the procedure and said he was doing well. He said the surgery took a little longer than expected, but said Skilling was in good spirits.

The meteorologist said he has been preparing for the past few months for the weight loss procedure. He said he decided to post on Facebook so viewers wouldn’t be wondering where he was. He said he was grateful for all the well wishes.

“Thank you for all the wishes,” he said. “It got me through this procedure. It’s the first step but what a step! I can’t wait to tell you about it as the process continues.”

Skilling said he’ll check back in on Facebook after his surgery to let his followers know how things are going.

“Believe me, I’ll no doubt end up crawling up the walls awaiting my return to work–a return which ought to come later in March or early April,” Skilling said.

Skilling’s last day on air before the surgery was on Monday. He was told to expect to take four to six weeks off from his on air weather duties to recover.