Texting at a red light? Yeah, that’s illegal: Officers on foot cracking down on distracted drivers

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Distracted Driving Week 2019

PLAINFIELD, Ill. — Distracted Driving Awareness is a month-long initiative across the country to get drivers eyes back on the road.

In Illinois, the Department of Transportation gave out nearly a million dollars in grant money to 119 law enforcement agencies to put more officers out on the streets. That funding helped the Plainfield Police Department get officers out on foot  to keep drivers safe.

A recent crackdown had officers posted at intersections with traffic lights.  Officers spotted driver after driver with cell phone in hand.

If you thought a red light here gave you the green light to pick up your phone – think again. Officers say not only could it cause a crash, it’s illegal.

Thanks to the IDOT grant, Plainfield police will spend an additional 90 hours of enforcement during the month of April. The village is kicking in another 40-hours on top of that.

They divide and conquer and hoping a ticket today might mean a life saved tomorrow.

More information at Iddaw.org   and  https://www.lifeordeathillinois.com/


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