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AUSTIN, Texas — Stickers were put on businesses in Austin, Texas with the phrase “exclusively for white people.” Some call it racist. Others call it a joke.

It was a typical Wednesday at Sugar Mama’s Bake Shop on Manor Road until employee April Jensen noticed something on the front door: a sticker reading “exclusively for white people,” with an offensive message underneath, claiming to be sponsored by the City of Austin

“My reaction was basically shock and confusion. I was a little hurt,” Jensen told KEYE.

City of Austin officials denied any involvement. In a statement, Mayor Steve Adler called it, in part “an appalling and offensive display of ignorance.”

Some people think whoever did this was making a statement about gentrification. Austin’s East Side has seen a huge shift in demographics during the last 15 years.

Sarah Goeth, whose shop Windmill Bicycles was also hit, says she doubts someone from Austin was behind it.

“Doesn’t seem like in a Texan’s nature to want to hurt our small businesses on the east side,” she said.