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TEXARKANA, Texas (KTAL/KMSS) – This could be one for the record books. A Texas family is welcoming their third baby with the same birthday.

“We were able to kind of wait a little bit — long enough to wait for the kids to get up — to be able to say, ‘Happy Birthday. Here’s some doughnuts. We’re leaving,'” said dad Jonathan R. Hornok.

Not only does the Texarkana family get bigger every three years, but three of their four children were born on the same day in June. For privacy, the family chose not to reveal the exact date.

Jonathan Hornok, a federal prosecutor, and his wife, former prosecutor Mariah Hornock, recently welcomed baby Hellen into their family just hours after celebrating the birthdays of their two youngest children.

“Mariah and I spent the day in the hospital waiting for Hellen to come and, you know, had to watch them open presents over FaceTime,” Jonathan Hornok said.

His wife said she likes that their children share a birthday.

“I thought it would be better to share than to have one that got the birthday first, then one that had to wait a whole day until they had their birthday,” she said.

When asked how it feels to have siblings with the same birthday, middle daughter Miriam said, “It feels good … it feels really fun.”

The Hornoks say the births of their children were not planned, but they’re grateful for the unique blessings.

“Different due dates, different reasons going to the hospital,” said Jonathan Hornok.

His wife added, “People want to know what was nine months beforehand. … I mean, September.”

The kids aren’t the only ones who share that common birthday. Their grandmother and great aunt do as well.

“I mean, I can’t think of a better gift — right? — to have grandchildren born on your birthday. I mean that’s pretty amazing,” said grandmother Vicki Hornok.

The family says everyone loves it. They say it’s like Christmas in June. It’s a big celebration the Hornoks look forward to every year.

“You know, it’s nice to have a birthday that is all your own, but it’s also just really fun to have a day of the year that’s just really special for just our family,” said Jonathan Hornok.