Test Your Weekend Workbench IQ!

Weekend Workbench
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It’s pretty hard to resist Weekend Workbench with all our DIY projects, expert tips, and of course, Ryan’s smiling face. But, are you a WW Super Fan? Test your Weekend Workbench IQ now!

  1. Michael Goldstein is the “Mensch with the ___.”
    a. Hammer
    b. Wrench
    c. Heart of Gold
  2. Blake Sloane showed Ryan how to creatively reupholster a chair with ___.
    a. Old Belts
    b. Old Shirts
    c. Old Teeth… eeewww
  3. Sean Buino recommends cleaning the inside of your gas grill with ___ first, then using brushes on the gas lines.
    a. Aluminum foil
    b. WD-40 – that stuff works on everything!
    c. A Belt Sander
  4. Michael Goldstein recommends pouring a cup of ___ down your drain to eliminate smells.
    a. Butter (Butter? You really think that’s going to work?!)
    b. Vinegar
    c. Water
  5. According to the Mensch with a Wrench, you should replace your furnace filter every ___ months.
    a. 3
    b. 6
    c. Never because they last forever and ever.
  6. To fix a ghost door, you simply ___.
    a. Call the Ghost Busters.
    b. Bend the middle hinge pin so it won’t swing open on its own.
    c. Lubricate the hinges.
  7. Ryan created a fireplace mantel out of reclaimed wood with ___.
    a. The Brawny Man
    b. Kaisa Dille of K.Dille Designs
    c. Alex Enarson of the Rebuilding Exchange
  8. You can get great DIY tips and expert tricks at ___.
    a. The Weekend Workbench website
    b. The Weekend Workbench Facebook page
    c. The Weekend Workbench Twitter page – @WorkbenchTV
    d. ALL OF THE ABOVE! What are you waiting for? Get your DIY on!


  1. B – video
  2. A – video
  3. A – video
  4. C – video
  5. A – video
  6. B – video
  7. C – video
  8. D


7-8 Correct Answers = Weekend Workbench Super Fan

5-6 Correct Answers = Weekend Workbench Expert

3-4 Correct Answers = Weekend Workbench DIY Novice

2 or Less Correct Answers = You’d better watch more Weekend Workbench!


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