Tennessee man stabs wife 17 times in argument over parenting style, police say

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ANTIOCH, Tenn. — A woman was in critical condition after police said her husband stabbed her several times because they were arguing about their parenting styles, according to WSMV.

Metro Police said they found the woman at a home on the 2500 block of Rosalee Court on Tuesday. She was found stabbed in the torso and back. Affidavits showed her husband, Jeremy Tyress Johnson, was charged with attempted criminal homicide.

Investigators said Johnson admitted to stabbing his wife after an argument about their parenting style. Affidavits show the woman was in the shower when her 6-year-old came in and told her that Johnson gave her warm water. The woman also told investigators that Johnson was “bickering” with the child.

The woman told police that Johnson came into the bathroom and the two began to argue. The woman reportedly asked Johnson to leave for the night but he refused. The woman told Johnson that she was leaving, which enraged Johnson and subsequently he punched her in the mouth and proceeded to stab her with a kitchen knife while she was still in the shower.

The woman was taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center where it was discovered she had been stabbed 17 times with wounds to her neck, behind her ear, right shoulder, left armpit and mid back. The woman’s lip was also injured.

Johnson is facing charges of attempted criminal homicide, a charge that comes with a bond of $250,000. He is currently being housed in Davidson County Jail.

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