Teen killed after basketball game; 2 arrested

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Two people were taken into custody after a teenager was shot and killed last night after a high school basketball game held at Chicago State University, 9501 South King Drive.

The Chicago public schools regularly use the facilities at Chicago State as a sort of neutral territory for sporting events.

But fights during games between Morgan Park and Simeon Academy are becoming commonplace.  Back in September, a person was stabbed in the stands during a football game.  And last night, a young man who attended that football game in September was shot and killed after a basketball game.

Tyrone Lawson, 17, was a big guy.  His aunt called the Morgan Park High School senior a gentle giant.

Despite his size his parents say they always worried about him every time he would leave.  But they thought he would be safe attending last night’s basketball game between Morgan Park and Simeon — mainly because the game was at Chicago State with lots of security.

Shortly before 9:30 p.m. shots rang out in the parking lot of the gym after a fight broke out inside and everyone ran out.  Tyrone was hit twice in the back.  He died later at the hospital.

There is speculation the shooting was the result of a brief scuffle between players in the handshake line after the game.

A call went out to be on the lookout for a suspicious Jeep.  Two people were arrested after police found a gun in that Jeep.

Chicago State police chief Randy Watson is being tight-lipped about the investigation.

“We are utilizing the assistance of the Chicago Police Department and all of their resources,” Watson told reporters this morning.  “To the best of my knowledge there have been no charges at this point in time.”

Tyrone’s mother, Pam Wright, says the shooting of young African American men in Chicago has to stop.  She is not sure the gun control bills President Obama has just signed will spare another family the pain and loss she is feeling now.

Pam Wright really wants to know why there was not more security outside the basketball game, especially after the fight broke out on the inside.  The police chief at Chicago State University would not discuss that, saying it is part of the ongoing investigation.


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