Teen, 17,killed in McHenry County murder-suicide

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A 17-year-old girl was killed in a murder-suicide in McHenry County.

The shooting happened early yesterday in Harvard.

Miguel Andrade entered the home of his ex-girlfriend Jacqueline Flores around one A.M.

Police say he threatened to kill Flores if she didn’t let him see their 9-month old daughter.

When Flores refuse, Andrade fired a gun. The bullet pierced Flores’ wrist and struck her in the head.

Flores managed to run from the house and banged on a neighbor’s door for help, while screaming. Police say that’s when Andrade caught up with Flores in the backyard of a neighbor’s home and shot her a final time in the head.

When police arrived Andrade had shot and killed himself. A weapon was found next to his body.

Andrade had been charged with attacking Flores and endangering the life of their daughter last January.


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