Teen convicted after spending $30K mistakenly put in his bank account

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HULL, Ga. — A Georgia teen who had $30,000 deposited into his bank account by mistake will now be forced to spend the next 10 years on probation and pay nearly all the money back.

According to CBS46 in Atlanta, 18-year-old Steven Fields, from the small town of Hull, Ga., discovered the money in his bank account, and spent the majority of it on a BMW and other items.

However the money belonged to another Steven Fields, 70, also from Hull.

The older Fields had sold some land, and went to the bank to deposit more than $30,000 in his account, according to CBS46.

However the bank teller, whom the 70-year-old Fields had known for years, mistakenly deposited it into the other Fields’ – the teenager’s — account.

In an interview with CBS46, the woman who raised the 18-year-old Fields said the onus should lie with the teller.

“I told that woman up at the bank she should have looked over her mistake,” the woman told the station. “He (18-year-old Fields) was excited. I would have been too,” she said when referring to the discovery of the funds.

Despite having the same name, using the same bank and living in the same town, the two Fields men met for the first time in court following the mix-up.

When a CBS46 reporter asked the older Fields if he felt the teen was sorry, “I don’t know if he was or not. It’s like when people say, ‘I’m sorry.’ I feel like they’re sorry they got caught,” he said.

According to CB46, the 18-year-old Fields has since also been arrested for possessing illegal drugs.

Since the teen Fields already had a pending charge, a member of the Madison County District Attorney’s office told CBS46 he can come back before the judge on the new charge and have a portion the sentence he already had revoked.

That would mean having to serve a portion of that sentence in jail, according to CBS46.



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