Teen caught on camera stealing packages multiple times

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CHICAGO — A young man is caught on camera stealing packages and neighbors want him caught.

Tuesday afternoon, a young man that looks to be under 18 with a backpack trudges onto a front porch, grabs a package and leaves. 

“He looks about my sons age, my son is 12,” Gregory Middleton, retired staff sergeant, said. “He’s maybe a year or two older.”

Middleton emailed WGN News when he saw that video. It was his house and his package that got stolen. 

“You feel like someone kind of invaded your privacy and feels disrespectful, but for me I wonder what was the motivation,” Middleton said. 

Motivation aside, since Friday, at least five houses have been hit in his neighborhood near 107th Street and Vincennes Avenue. Other cameras captured the thefts of packages and mail. seemingly at the hands of the same guy. 

“Most of the people in this community have an alarm system and most of us have doorbell cameras, so we catch it all the time,” Middleton said. “Thieves beware? Exactly.  We’re watching.”

He said he’d like to talk to the young man and offer him some help or mentoring. For now, if you know who he might be, call Chicago police.


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