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CHICAGO -- The lab-like classroom at Chicago’s Wells Community Academy is filled with 3-D models and robotics, but it’s the human behind the all the technology that captivates the students.

Shadia Daniels teaches computer science -- a required subject, but her students come willingly.

Shadia Daniels, May Teacher of the Month: "Students become more engaged when it becomes personal, when they can see themselves as programmers."

Traeshaun Norwood, nominating student: “Ever since the first day I fell in love with this teacher. I said, ‘Ooh this classroom is such fun and the teacher is so heartwarming.’ She's like another mother to me."

Amyrio Moore, nominating student: “She's not there to make you learn. She is there to show you that there is more to this world and you can absorb it if you want to and to show you that you can."

It was Amyrio Moore who came up with the idea to nominate Ms Daniels for teacher of the month consideration. He says she has been instrumental in helping him get his head on straight. Amidst all the technology – this is a nurturing space.

Amyrio Moore: "She is one of the teachers who knows how to handle everybody. I have never seen a teacher juggle so many personalities. So I really appreciate Ms Daniels.”

Shadia Daniels: “I’m someone you can talk to. I’m someone who is going to correct you, someone who is going to cheer for you. But I want to see you improve and be able to do well academically and socially and emotionally.”

Christina Newman, nominating student: "She is just a real considerate teacher. The prime example of what it means to be a good teacher. She is like a second mother to me.”

Ms Daniels smiled when she received a thousand dollar check from Saint Xavier University's School of Education for a job well done. But she says nothing pleases her more than the sheer knowledge that she gives her students all that she's got … and they recognize it!

Shadia Daniels: “I’m very honored and humbled.”



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