We are right in the middle of theme park announcement season. It appears Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, IL is getting ready to unveil their new attraction for 2024.

Over the last few weeks, the park has rolled a teaser campaign with the hashtag #TakeToTheSkies2024. What could it mean? So far, we’ve seen vague social media posts like this one:

That’s a picture of their swinging frisbee ride Revolution. The caption reads “Feeling blue? Strike 1 for you.” Could that mean Revolution is about to get replaced? I think it’s quite possible. Right next door to Revolution is the former location of Dare Devil Dive, the park’s sky coaster experience.

New signs set up outside the former Dare Devil Dive

The Dare Devil Dive experience has been closed and taken off of the park map. Over the last few weeks, Great America set up some new signage.

A closer look at the in-park teasers

It says “Day 172 On Strike.” That number has not changed as the days have gone by, so it’s clearly a clue. Could it be the height of the new 2024 attraction? Well, it just so happens that a certain type of ride is exactly 172 feet tall!

That is a Giga Discovery ride from the manufacturer Zamperla. Like Revolution, it is also a swinging frisbee ride, though much taller at 172 feet. Both Six Flags Magic Mountain in California and Six Flags Great Adventure have these rides in their parks.

Looking at Great America from above, it’s easy to see a Giga Discovery fitting into the location of the former Dare Devil Dive. It would be somewhat near the expressway too, providing quite a sight for people driving by the park.

A view of the County Fair section of Great America from above. Will the new attraction sit in the circular pad where Dare Devil Dive once sat? Or could it take the place of Revolution?

It’s not clear when Six Flags Great America plans to officially announce their addition for 2024. In the meantime, we will await more clues and see if they keep pointing to a Giga Discovery – or if they lead us in the direction of something else. One thing is for certain, I will bring you the news right here as soon as it is announced!

You can watch our video breakdown of all of this from today’s WGN Morning News in the player above.

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