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CHICAGO – A woman on the city’s northwest side found swastika stickers on park signs with razor blades underneath them on Sunday.

The woman who first spotted the stickers at Kilbourn Park didn’t want to talk on camera but said she doesn’t want stuff like this in the neighborhood.

Swastika stickers were seen on signs throughout the park with razor blades tucked behind them. Other stickers had the name of a white supremacist group with slogans like, “Refugees not welcome.”

The woman said more than 10 stickers were found around the park.

In a statement she asked neighbors to get engaged and attend the CAPS meeting, the park’s advisory park meeting. She said, “Remove hate when you witness it. Whether silently or vocally.”

A social media post about the signs has been shared hundreds of times.

People who frequent the park were surprised to hear about the signs.

With everything going on its pretty alarming especially with razor blades. The main concern is the kids’ safety. We don’t want any of them getting hurt,” Amaris Vazquez, a parent, said.

Neighbors are encouraging everyone to be on the lookout for the stickers and the razor blades.

The investigation is ongoing.