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CHICAGO — Three Chicago police officers were hurt in a brawl with a suspect whose car crashed into a liquor store on the city’s West Side.

In what witnesses described as a bizarre scene, the suspect was outside of his car when it somehow started rolling through the busy intersection of Roosevelt Rd and Cicero in the Austin neighborhood.

As he tried to stop it, he set the whole series of events in motion.

Carmen Martinez was working at a liquor store when it happened.

She followed the suspect as he walked down Cicero Ave after the crash.  When he didn’t respond, she called police.

“I was inside the store when I heard the car hit the door, “ she told WGN News.  “Then I came through the double doors and was like, ‘Are you OK?’ But, he wouldn’t respond back to me or anything.”

Carmen says the first two officers arrived and attempted to calm the man down.

“They were just trying to calm him down and he just started hitting the cops,” she says.  “He brought one of the cops down to the floor and was like going crazy on all the cops so they started tasing him and he wouldn’t go down at all.”

Security cameras of the pawn shop next door captured part of the brawl. The video cuts out before the worst of it, but witnesses said the man was violent and aggressive.

“He threw her down and started punching her like if she was a punching bag,” Carmen said.  “It was really bad. Everybody was like, ‘Get off of her! Let her go!’ Even other people got out of  their cars and trucks to help.  He wouldn’t let her go at all.”

That female officer sustained serious injuries and was hospitalized.  Two other officers also got checked out for minor injuries and were said to be in good condition.

Now police are investigating what – if anything – motivated the attack.