Survivor stories continue to be told in Washington, IL

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Tornado survivors in Washington Illinois were back in the debris field that used to be their neighborhood Tuesday and the mounds of rubble that used to be their homes. They are beginning to make peace with all they’ve lost, as offers of help pour in from around the globe.

“I’ve heard from the Philippines today, from the general counsel, just wanting to send money,” Washington mayor Gary Manier said.  “Think about that- and what the Philippines has just gone through.”

But Washington, Illinois has gone through a lot as well.

“People who have lost everything are still finding time to turn to their neighbors and help,” said Jackie Nelson of the Red Cross.

Of all the miraculous stories emerging from all this rubble, there may be none quite like that of the Davidson family. Sheltering in their basement, underneath a heavy sink, they were buried beneath a roof truss and cinderblocks. With bruises and broken bones, Joey Davidson dug himself out, then his wife and their two small children.

“My wife handed me my 1-year-old and then my 6-year-old who were both pretty bruised and battered,” Joey said.  “But they’re ok.


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