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CRETE, Ill. — Surveillance video shows thieves robbing a family-owned south suburban store and stealing $50,000 worth of merchandise.

Kaj Moyer, the major of Shorewood Home and Auto in Crete said the suspects stole valuable items from the store. The store has been targeted twice in the last two months, and possibly by the same group of people. On Nov. 5 the thieves stole a combination of 22 chain and concrete saws and four generators. On Dec. 7 they broke through the window and again took 22 chain and concrete saws and two generators.

“Its tough to go to sleep at night now, just knowing that at any second, the alarm is going to go off,” he said.

Each break-in took only about four minutes for the suspects to get in and out — only several minutes ahead of police arriving on the scene. Cameras captured the incidents and also captured a license plate of a getaway car, which turned out to be stolen.

Moyer believes the suspects had to have been inside the store to case it out beforehand. He hopes that someone will see the surveillance footage and say something.

One of the thieves cut himself on the door’s glass. A blood sample found at the scene has been sent to the state crime lab which may, if that person is already in the crime database, lead to an arrest.

Moyer’s Christmas wish is that the thieves get turned into the authorities. 

The business is insured, but there is a $5,000 deductible. As for the crime lab, it has been backed up so it took take some time before any results come through.