Surveillance footage could help find 2 people who broke into Northwest Side businesses

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CHICAGO — Two people broke into a couple of businesses over the weekend on the Northwest Side, and security footage could help police catch the suspects. Thieves used a hammer to smash the front door glass of 4 Seasons Car Wash on Addison Street Saturday morning around 3 a.m. Once inside, the man and woman raided a register and then found car keys. A short time later, by using the remote car entry, they figured out it belonged to a newer model Volkswagen. They stole the car, but  not before the business’ security cameras get a good glimpse of the woman’s face. The mans face could not be seen well because he was wearing a hat. The thieves hit the nearby Frank’s Chicago Shrimp House on Irving Park Road, just over a mile away. These security camera images captured them there as well. Justyna Seternus, co-owner of the car wash said they are hopeful they will be caught by police before they can strike again.


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