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CHICAGO — The Albert’s Chef Vanarin Kuch, who appeared on the show “Chopped,” stopped by WGN to prepare a Dark Milk Chocolate Chai Tea Molten Cake from the restaurant’s pastry menu.

the Albert
228 E. Ontario St.

Dark Milk Chocolate Chai Tea Molten Cake:

75 g dark chocolate (70%)
135 g milk chocolate
200 g butter, melted
2 Chai tea bags
3 eggs, whole
110 g sugar
20 g cake flour
1 g salt
3 g vanilla extract

– Melt the butter in the microwave, then place two bags of Chai tea (infusing the Chai tea flavor into the butter for 20 mins).  Reheat the infused butter with the bags in it, until boiling to infuse more Chai flavor.
– Place both chocolates into a bowl, then strain the mixture on top of the chocolate.
– Melt the mixture over a pot of boiling water, keep this mixture warm
– Meanwhile, start whisking your eggs to ribbon stage slowly adding in the sugar.

– Once this has reach thickened ribbon stage, the chocolate mix should melted and ready to fold in.
– Take half of the batter and fold it into the butter and chocolate mix, then take that lightened butter/chocolate mix and fold that into the whipped eggs.
-Sift the cake flour and fold in with salt and vanilla extract
– Fill 4 oz ramekins that are oven proof, about 3/4 of the way (to allow for rise)
-Bake 325 for 8 mins
– Serve with ginger whipped cream and cinnamon sprinkles