CHICAGO — The police chief of Summit has been indicted by a federal grand jury for an alleged bribery conspiracy.

Chief John Kosmowski, 54, of Lockport, was charged Tuesday with bribery, bribery conspiracy and obstruction of justice.

Federal prosecutors allege Kosmowski conspired with a Summit building inspector, William Mundy, 57, of Summit, to accept more than $5,000 from a businessman in 2017.

The pair accepted the money intending to be influenced and rewarded in connection with the transfer of a liquor license to another person, the indictment states.

Kosmowski allegedly received a cash payment from the businessman in March of 2017, and then gave Mundy a portion of it.

Federal prosecutors allege that Kosmowski met with Mundy earlier this year and informed him of the federal investigation into the payment. During the meeting, Kosmowski allegedly sought to persuade the building inspector to mischaracterize the purpose of the payment from Kosmowski to the inspector by falsely suggesting that it was a loan, the indictment states.

Mundy was also charged with bribery conspiracy and one count of filing a false tax return.

Arraignments for the pair have not been scheduled yet.