Suit filed after police shoot and kill man

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A federal lawsuit claims Chicago police officers wrongfully shot a man and taunted his relatives with racial slurs.

It started with an armed robbery on Dec. 15. The alleged getaway vehicle crashed near 55th and Ashland. All of the suspects got away except Jamaal Moore, 23. Police said he was involved in a violent encounter with officers and was shot and killed. At the time, officers believed Moore had a gun. Police Supt. Garry McCarthy later said Moore had a flashlight.

“They shot him in the back. Not once, but twice,” said Moore’s mother, Gwendolyn Moore, speaking at a press conference on Tuesday.

The family filed a lawsuit against the city of Chicago, the Chicago Police Department, Supt. McCarthy, and 4 officers alleging misconduct.  The lawsuit claims some officers repeatedly used the n-word when talking to Moore’s relatives at the scene.

“I honestly see very little difference between the Jim Crow of the 50’s and 60’s and here in Chicago, where police are shooting young black men, claim they have weapons, and nothing is found,” said attorney, Sam Adam, Jr.

After the shooting, a crowd of onlookers gathered at the scene, angry about Moore’s death. Police say some people refused to leave and threw bricks and bottles at police cars. Five men were charged with mob action.

Chicago police would not comment on the lawsuit. A spokesperson for the Independent Police Review Authority says the case remains under investigation.


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