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ELGIN, Ill — A high school sophomore was honored Friday for saving the life of a little girl.

One week ago, 16-year-old Andrew Wilson was at a hotel in Peoria. The Streamwood High School sophomore was at a chess tournament when he heard screaming coming from the pool areas.

Andrew, who had taken a CPR class as part of the Elgin police explorer’s program, ran to help.

When he arrived, he saw kids screaming and surrounding a little girl who had been pulled from the pool. She had suffered a seizure while swimming.

“After about 40 compressions, she woke up,” Andrew said. “It was maybe two minutes.”

Andrew immediately called his dad, who is also an Elgin police officer.

“He was shaken up a little bit but said ‘I just saved a girl’s life. I did CPR on her,” Greg Wilson said.

Today, the Elgin Police Department honored Andrew for his heroic actions.

“I guess I feel like a hero because what I did helped her,” Andrew said. “But that was just training and what I had to do.”

Andrew still doesn’t know who this little girl. “I would like to meet her,” he said. “I would tell her I hope you have a happy life and accomplish all the things you want to accomplish.”

Andrew says he plans to continue with the Explorer’s Program and someday hopes to become a police officer like his dad.