Suburban teacher accused of sexual relationships with students, police say

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DOWNERS GROVE, Ill. — Police are investigating a teacher at Downers Grove North High School accused of having sexual relationships with students.

The school district placed the teacher in question on administrative leave. He hasn’t been in school for nearly two weeks.

Jennifer Boudinot graduated from Downers Grove North High School in 1999. She said during her time at the school, a teacher sexually harassed her and her friends.

Boudinot lives in New York now which is why she could only speak with WGN over the phone.

“I posted a Facebook post still kind of angry about this saying are we going to talk about what when on at DGN with teachers and students now with everything in the news?” she said.

It turns out she wasn’t the only one.

Boudinot said she received several messages from women and said not only did the teacher sexually harass them, but he assaulted them too.

“The situation got really scary when I realized there were so many names that I needed a notepad because I could no longer keep them all in my head,” she said.

Police are in the early stages of their investigation, and no charges have been filed.

In a statement, a spokesperson said, “District 99 has long-standing policies and procedures to investigate any report that is brought forward to us; however, we are unable to comment publicly on any personnel matters.”

“I’m glad that he’s no longer in contact with students but there’s a real chance that he could go back in the classroom if more people don’t come forward,” Boudinot said.

Students learned about the allegations Tuesday morning.

“I got the email this morning and I checked it and I read it and I was kind of shocked,” said student Kyle Schirle. “It was just, it was overall really surprising because you always see stuff like this on the news happening but you just don’t expect it to happen at your school I was just kind of in awe for the rest of the day.”

Boudinot set up an email for people to reach out to her about any issues they had with teachers at the Downers Grove North.

To contact her, please send an email to

Read the school district’s full statement below:


Dear District 99 Staff, Students and Families,

As part of our commitment to transparency within our school community, I need to inform you of a sensitive situation involving an investigation at North High.

It was brought to our attention recently that conversations on social media pointed to potentially inappropriate behavior on the part of a current teacher at North High. In response, we immediately began gathering facts surrounding the concerns, and placed the teacher on administrative leave. Since then, the Downers Grove Police Department has opened an investigation. Anyone with information should contact them at 630-434-5500.

Please know that District 99 has long-standing policies and procedures to investigate any report that is brought forward to us; however, we are unable to comment publicly on any personnel matters. Our process is outlined in multiple Board policies, and we investigate all complaints promptly and with complete confidentiality. For details on our process, please click here.

Protecting the welfare of all students and staff, while providing a safe and secure learning environment, is our first priority.

Thank you,
Dr. Hank Thiele
District 99 Superintendent

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