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While most teenagers are buried deep in their phones and social media accounts, Darius Sanders and Samantha Krusza are lacing up old school style. They’ve been rollerskating for as long as they can remember and now the duo is beating skating competitors twice their age around the world.

The two have been locked arm in arm ever since they were paired up four years ago collecting medals and gracing front page articles. This fall, the duo took fourth place in the 2018 Roller Skating Championship in Paris beating out competitors twice their age.

“I feel awesome when I’m the youngest cause I just feel like I can prove everything and there’s nothing to lose there,” Krusza said.

Sanders’ smile stretches ear to ear when talking about their Paris performance.

“After all those years of practice, it is still a shock to think we pulled it off at such a young age,” he said.

The two will have a home court advantage for the national competition to qualify for worlds in Barcelona, next July it’s being held right at the Lynwood Sports Center where they practice. The two split their practice time between the Lynwood rink and the Glenwood rink closer to Sanders’ home in Washington Heights.