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AURORA, Ill. — A school in the western suburbs is closing for one week due to an outbreak of the flu.

The Illinois Math and Science Academy (IMSA) will be closed for a week as a result of an outbreak of influenza, according the school’s website.

There are 637 students at the school and 106 of them were absent Monday.

IMSA’s health office confirmed that of those, 88 were suffering from flu-like symptoms.

Just across the street from the school, students are confined to their residence halls, where they’ve been since 5 p.m. Monday.

Meals were being served in their dorms and students were being asked to remain there until their parents came to pick them up.

They’re being asked to be gone by 5 p.m. Tuesday and to not come back until Sunday, Jan. 28 at 3 p.m.

While they’re away, all the classrooms, dorm rooms and hallways will be completely scrubbed-down in the hope of reducing the spread of the flu.

Part of the bulletin that was posted on the school’s website said, “During the closure, the buildings will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. The purpose of the closing is to decrease contact among students in order to lessen their risk and to limit the spread of infection.”

Along with the at least 88 students who are sick, as many as 20 percent of the faculty and staff at the school have come down with the flu as well.

The school made the decision to shut down after consulting with the Kane County Health Department which recommended the extremely rare one-week shutdown.