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PARK FOREST, Ill. — This week marks five years since a Park Forest officer was shot in the line of duty while responding to a call. On Monday night, he was awarded an honorary promotion by the police department he still hopes to serve one day.

Officer Tim Jones was 24 and a part of the Park Forest Police Department for a little over a year when he was shot three times in March 2016, suffering life-threatening injuries to his neck and jaw while responding to a suburban break-in.

“He finished top of the list and really lived up to that,” said Park Forest Police Chief Christopher Mannino about Officer Jones. “He really was the ideal rookie officer on the street. Just really aggressive fighting crime but also community-oriented.”

Friday, March 19, will mark five years since the shooting.

“He, by most medical accounts, was not even supposed to survive,” Mannino said.

Since then, Jones has undergone multiple surgeries and countless rehab appointments with the hopes of rejoining the department one day. He still has a locker at the station and has been honored with a street sign in his name.

Monday night, the Park Forest Board will made him an honorary detective.

“When Tim was a rookie officer, he made it known he wanted to make his way to the Detective Division,” Mannino said. “So after what would’ve been six years on the job for him, there’s no doubt in my mind that he would’ve made that at this point in time already.”

For Jones, the mission to protect and serve is in his blood. He grew up in a law enforcement home. His father, William Jones, is a former police chief of Country Club Hills.

Jones’ father says he couldn’t be any prouder of his son.

Officer Tim Jones is named detective during a Park Forest virtual board meeting Monday.

“He would’ve been a go-getter,” William Jones said. “Still to this day, when we go out, he still guards his badge over his shirt.

“He’s still right now in his mind 100% police.”

And now, a detective.

“Thank you,” Tim Jones said.