Suburban man who was in coma for over 100 days due to COVID-19 shares his story


BELLWOOD, Ill. — A suburban man is home from the hospital after a three-month battle with COVID-19, but his fight is far from over.

Andre Johnson, 50, was in a coma for over 100 days at a hospital in Bellwood before being released Wednesday afternoon. He said it brings tears to his eyes knowing how close he was to death. He can’t walk at the moment but said he doesn’t care. The father of eight said he’s just thankful to be alive.

“I could’ve been someone else,” he said. They chose me to save.”

Johnson, with his wife by his side, can now celebrate being a COVID-19 survivor. 

He lost more than 100 pounds and he said his weight continues to drop.

 Prior to getting the disease back in March, he was a skeptic. He said he chose not to wear a mask, despite his father warning him to do so.

He said he hopes everyone who hears his story will look at his situation and learn that the situation is very serious.

Johnson’s wife also caught the disease but her symptoms weren’t as severe.


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