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BUFFALO GROVE, Ill. — Two seniors at Buffalo Grove High School who both have Down syndrome were named homecoming king and queen over the weekend.

Amanda Ewald and Brett Wilkinson were crowned at Friday’s homecoming while their classmates cheered them on.

The Daily Herald reports that the two attended grade school together and are both honor students and involved in sports and multiple activities.

Brett’s dad, Dave Wilkinson, told the Daily Herald he feels like a celebrity when he’s with his son.

“When I’m with him at a football game, everyone knows him,” he said.

Meghan Ewald, Amanda’s sister, said her family has fought for inclusion for her sister.

“Amanda’s drive to never give up and always keep going has proved there are no limits to what she can do,” she told the newspaper.

UPS for DownS, or United Parent Support for Down syndrome, posted about the teens’ homecoming story on their Facebook page.