MUNDELEIN, Ill. — A suburban fire department offered a warning on social media Monday night after a car fire was likely caused by parking on leaves.

A photo shared by the Mundelein Fire Department shows a vehicle completely burnt out with many leaves nearby.

The fire department said the likely cause was the catalytic converter or exhaust system igniting leaves under the vehicle.

A warning by the department accompanied the photo.

“Given that the internals of the typical catalytic converters work at temperatures around 750-1150 degrees Fahrenheit, and most residential streets have leaves stored at curbside for annual leaf collection, the potential for situations such as this to occur are prevalent. With that in mind, we would like to remind all Mundelein residents to avoid raking or blowing leaves into the street for leaf collection. Please rake or blow leaves only to the edge of your yard, not extending past the curb and into the roadway. To all drivers, please be aware of your surroundings when parking your vehicles in the street, especially, after dark. Be sure to avoid parking over any standing piles of leaves and maintain a safe distance,” the warning read.

No injuries were reported.