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GURNEE, Ill. — The snow days we remember as kids may soon be a thing of the past. Instead of snow days, some kids have “e-learning days.”

At Viking School in Gurnee, teachers put together lessons for students on their snow days. They have five days to complete the lessons and they can do it at their own pace.

Viking is part of District 56, which is one of three districts in Illinois participating in the e-learning pilot program. The other two are high school districts in Leyden and West Chicago. In addition to keeping kids on top of their school work, it also avoids having kids and teachers come to school late in the year when learning isn’t exactly what’s on everyone’s minds.  So far, it has been a big hit with both students, teachers and the district.

“I actually like the idea of it, so I can learn at home,” said eighth grader Patrick Singeo. “Overall it’s fun.”

“The possibility of three days being closed, that’s a real break in instruction,” saidSchool District 56 Supt. Colleen Pacatte. “So it helps bridge that gap.”

The state is still collecting data from all three districts to see if this program should be rolled out statewide.