Students questioned after opting out of ISAT testing, parents outraged

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Upset that her third and fifth grade daughters could be questioned without her permission about her decision to opt them out of ISAT testing, Racquel Chavez came to Maria Saucedo Scholastic Academy to talk with the principal.

Chavez says a “reliable source” told her Chicago law department investigators were talking to students about why their parents decided to opt out at the little village school.  The mom is worried about her kids being intimidated or caught in the middle of the battle between teachers and the district.

CPS says the investigators are at the school, but they are not talking to students.

Saucedo teacher Sarah Chambers and a group of parents gathered after school to oppose the investigation.

They also claim students are being questioned and that one was asked “if her parents were paid to opt out of the ISAT.”

All this comes on the heels of a controversy at Drummond Montessori in Bucktown where CPS admits it did speak with students about the ISAT without asking parents ahead of time.

Chavez says she and other parents received a “robocall” about investigators at Saucedo but the recording said students would not be questioned.


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